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Time flies

By Daniel - Posted on 24 July 2011

Anyone notice how time flies? I mean seriously.. wow.

It seems like yesterday that I arrived here in France for the first time. Started learning the language, seeing the country and meeting all kinds of people. How far have I come since starting this website? How far have I come in life? What is still awaiting me? Everyone who knows me, also knows that I'm not going to list my entire life to date.. but just think of the speed in which things change and how this time has been spent. Do you regret anything?

And if that isn't enough then just put your life into perspective. I'm 23 now and we could generously say I already lived a third of my life. But this one third has been so full of experiences and adventures and I've basically got my entire life ahead of me already planned out. Graduate, get a job, marry, get kids, be happy. It'll work out but your life gets all planned out in the first third.. It'll be apparent what I'll be doing day-in day-out.

Here's a great song that expresses exactly what this topic is about...

I might have some regrets (mostly regarding my quiet and shy nature) but I am satisfied with how everything has worked out. Time is flying and it's flying fast. Almost a month ago I went on the USA trip.. A month! And it was already a year ago that I started my french adventure here in Compiègne. An entire year! Isn't it fantastic? When will the time come, when I look at my children and think about this little moment in my life when I was writing this blog-entry? Our conception of time.. It's so relative. And that makes it so beautiful and ugly at the same time. The bad times that seem to last forever will turn out to be mere moments of our past - but so will the good times, that seem to just slip away but provide us with wonderful memories to which we will always think back to with joy.

In the end, we will all be old people. We will have an entire life full of experiences and memories, that have formed us, to look back to. We'll say to each other: "This life was way too short to fully experience" and that it is and it always will be because of the vast possibilities our lives offer us. In the end we will all have walked down a road with a lot of ups and downs, lefts and rights. No matter how we live it, time will pass by and eventually we will see the results of our doing - for the good and the bad, but it will never be a "wrong road".

It will be our road of life.


With already more than two thirds of my life behind me (most likely), it's interesting to read your lines. And I can add (or correct): I do not think, that you will look back in your old age with regrets. Life isn't too short. It is your life, and, as you rightly say, it is full of experiences, opportunities, adventures. It will be fully experienced, because there is nothing more you could have experienced, even though the world offers much more. We are limited in life, physically, that's true, but our minds can move freely, and our unfulfilled dreams belong to our lives as much as the things we actually did. They shed light or shadow on what we are doing, and they also give us the strength to move on, to make decisions that lead us on on our road.

Never a wrong road, indeed.  I've heard it said that time goes faster as you get older.  Some bits of life will silently pass by, almost unnoticed, but there will also be parts that will stand out in their awesomeness (and epicness).  You've many wonderful things to experience still, and yet you already have so many amazing stories and experiences to share with those children (who will be born and grown up before you realize it!).  And then you'll just be an old man, sitting in a rocket chair (yes, "rocket" chair), going on and on about a blog (laughably archaic, by then) in which you wrote about how time flies.  And maybe, if you're lucky, I'll be listening.  :)

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