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By Daniel - Posted on 11 May 2010

Welcome to, Daniel's (my) personal (Web-)Site. In the following months I will be writing an online-diary for everyone who's going to stay in Germany, or at least doesn't come along to France.

I have decided to participate in the double-degree-program of the TU Brunswick. You do this by achieving one diploma in Brunswick and the other in Compiègne, France, near Paris. My main-studies (equivalent with Masters) are equally divided between these two locations.. which means 1.5 years of France for me!

I hope to experience a few things (let's hope also with success) so I can tell you guys all about it. You're not supposed to forget me.. ;)

ey, ich führ ja so schon nich gern Tagebuch/Blog, aber du in zwei Sprachen?! Machst dir ja voll viel Mühe ;)

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